• Together, we’ll assess how your inner life is shaping your company culture–and vice-versa.
  • We’ll have an initial scoping session to define a set of goals for your own development and your company’s.
  • Then, we’ll have a series of face-to-face conversations (either in-person or virtually).
  • Those conversations will deepen your self-understanding as an entrepreneur, clarify your perspective about what’s culturally generative–and what’s not–in your organization, and identify specific opportunities for you and your team to grow.
  • A typical coaching package would include 12 weekly one-hour sessions, but other formats can be arranged.

360 Reviews

  • 360 Reviews help boards understand how their executives are performing or help managers get clarity about their own effectiveness–or how well their staff are doing. 360s can be especially important as successful young organizations scale.
  • We’ll have an initial discussion to define who is being reviewed and why, to clarify key features of the organization’s culture, and to identify relevant assessment criteria.
  • Then, we’ll interview those in the organization who are linked most closely to the reviewee.
  • We’ll condense and synthesize the takeaways and present the results in a confidential report that contains both qualitative and quantitative insights, plus recommendations for professional growth.


  • Initially, we’ll discuss your organization’s specific cultural needs–and any internal dysfunction that needs special attention.
  • Then, we’ll facilitate an on-site, interactive, half-day or full-day professional development seminar for your company’s leadership team.
  • This session will mix hands-on learning and moderated discussion with several brief presentations.
  • The members of your team will come away with targeted insights for expressing themselves more coherently and articulately through their collaboration with one another.

Offsite Retreats

  • We’ll gather leaders from your organization in a two-day offsite to reconnect with one another while taking a close look at the connection between values, spirituality, and your company’s offering.
  • We’ll read several brief, hand-selected texts and discuss their implications for your organization in round-table dialogue.
  • Your team will leave with both personal and organizational takeaways for life-giving, compassionate leadership.

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