Joshua S. Nunziato, PhD

 Consultant. Coach. Contemplative.



I research
wisdom traditions
for business.


I help
professionals embody
their values.


I write
about wisdom
for work.


I inspire
leaders to create
with love.


I’m a big-picture thinker with a business heart. I strive to express what matters to me most in my everyday work. My everyday work just happens to be partnering with founders and entrepreneurs to help them express what matters to them most through their everyday work.

Several years ago, I helped teach a capstone course to business students on the ‘Philosophy of Exchange.’ Most of the students were preparing to enter the workplace. And they found themselves in a bind. The exchanges that gave their lives significance depended upon an economy that couldn’t acknowledge their value. That is a familiar problem. But it hit them—and me—with particular urgency. And it brought home the need to rethink how and why we do business.

For my doctorate, I researched sacred economy in ancient and contemporary thought. My work focused especially on Augustine. He was the first person to think about what it means to be secular. But, unlike much of our culture, Augustine saw secular business as open to the sacred. My research has turned into a book. (It’s mostly for intellectuals.) But I’ve got a second book in the works specifically for entrepreneurs. It’s called Culture Within: Entrepreneurship as Spiritual Formation. It looks at founding as an expression of inner life and examines three spiritual disciplines–detachment, creativity, and compassion–which make such work fruitful. The book is rooted in a recovery of ancient and modern thinkers.

Grounded in Colorado’s Front Range, I facilitate transformative conversations with leaders who are giving birth to new ways of doing business. Like a doula for business, I help entrepreneurs express their deepest selves, their highest values, and their best spiritual aspirations in their companies. And I help founders understand how their companies are reshaping their interior lives.

There are wisdom traditions that speak directly–and deeply–to the biggest questions you face as a founder. Let me work with you to connect the dots.

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